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Get your Nostr address NIP-05

Choose your NIP-05 nostr address

Your NIP-05 serves as a user-friendly identifier for your identity, similar in appearance to an email address, for instance: service@nostrich.house. This identifier simplifies the process of locating your profile on Nostr.

What would be your desired name at nostrich.house and what is your hex pubkey (or npub)?

Desired named (i.e. peter): Duration in hours (min is 500, default is 1Y): Public Key (npub or hex):

Why does it cost sats

Because it's so very easy to spam on the Nostr. We need a way to distinguish serious posts from mass spam. One good indicator is a non-free nip05 address. Minimum here is 500 sats for 500 hours usage. That's ridiculous little money but if you want to pay for a million spam-bots, it's not so cheap.